3.x Quark Multi-purpose Joomla Template

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    Quark represents an evolution in Joomla 3 templates, offering quick-switch styles that let you swap out different looks for your website in record time, with each style bringing new features, functionality and visuals that work in tandem to provide a spectacular user experience. From dining to ecommerce, events to business promotion and many more besides, Quark is the ultimate starting point for the website of your dreams. What's more, as well as new styles being released regularly there's also a host of extra pages, options and other bonuses to get things off the in minutes and let you customize to your heart's content.


    gk_quark_ecommerce_quickstart_J!3.zip - 29.7 MB
    gk_quark_quickstart_J!3.zip - 24.9 MB
    gk_quark_restaurant_quickstart_J!3.zip - 26.9 MB

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