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    Manage all your meta tags on ONE page, and save 95% of your time doing SEO.

    Our Joomla Tag Meta Manager saves 95% of the time you would have spent doing Joomla SEO. It provides a single page on which you can see a list of all your articles and edit many of the keywords, descriptions and titles at once.

    Indirect Links

    Having too many links to other sites is bad for Joomla SEO and can hurt your Google SEO results. Now you can add a nofollow tag to links to avoid this problem.

    Monitor Keywords

    Have you ever wanted to know how your keywords rank on Google, if they're moving up or down, or where you stand in comparison with your competition?

    With our Joomla SEO plugin, you can track your keywords on Google, view stats of which keywords are up or down so that you can optimize them better using our on-page optimization tool.

    SEO Stats

    At a moment's notice, you can know exactly what is going on with your keywords and metatags. You can see how many keywords are up or down on Google. Our Joomla SEO plugin's dashboard is beautiful and includes statistics about the keywords you are optimizing for.


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