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Discussion in 'Forum Comments and Feedback' started by Dave William, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. Dave William

    Dave William New Member

    I am member of portaliz.net, ran into this site from googling. it's really sad to see portaliz.net not active anymore, what can i do to help this forum become alternate portaliz.net? please let me know. Thanks
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  2. Wolverine

    Wolverine Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the forum. you can also share Joomla and WordPress.
  3. YAnt

    YAnt New Member

    I was also a member on .net. Glad to see Portaliz here.
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  4. Dave William

    Dave William New Member

    Welcome YAnt, there is another portaliz clone but those people over there is very arrogant and ignorant they think they are the best with asshole attitude i just can't fit in with them. Admin here very cool. I would like to see this forum a replacement place for us portaliz.net to hangout and share. So spread out the word for those former members of .net that this website is the place to hangout just like the old time.
    @Wolverine - if there anything that you would like me to help please let me know : moderator, technical help.. e.t.c
  5. LittleCatDog

    LittleCatDog New Member

    This is much nicer than the other Portaliz clone. I think I will like this site a lot more! Thanks for building it and I hope it grows!

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